About Us

Hi! We are Kiara and Tenesha May, two sisters with a passion for dogs. We welcome you to our at-home based grooming salon.

We strive to be a stress-free and caring place for you to bring your dogs and have them professionally groomed. 
There are many dogs that do not like going to the groomers and we want to change that. We wish that all our customers come and go with a smile and tail wagging.


With a combined 18 years experience in the dog grooming industry. We have worked with both young and old dogs, 
and dogs of all sizes from teacup Yorkies to St.bernards there's no dog too big or small. We happily cater to all breeds and styles. From short back and sides to fancy poodle clips come in and discuss how you would like your furry family member groomed.


Your dog will leave us feeling good and looking great.


From the left:Tenesha with her dogs Turbo, Skylar and Daphne. Kiara with Bella and Lexi